Terms of use

1. General conditions:
1.1. Spa complex Luxor is a hospitality web site in three language versions – Bulgarian, English and Greek versions.
1.2. Each visitor of the Web site www.luxor-complex.com has to acquaint with the general conditions of use and to follow those concerning services, information material, and texts on the Web site.
1.3. The creative team and consultants of www.luxor-complex.com do not bear responsibility for any damages of any sort and any harm caused as a consequence of Web site use or impossibility to use it. The designers of the Web site do not bear responsibility for the information materials published in the Web site including their trustworthy and credibility.
1.4. You have no right to claim for any damages or missed opportunities because of the decision done on basis on the information based on information materials published on the Web site www.luxor-complex.com
1.5. You have no right to use any information (text or picture) without the explicit permission of the Web site owner or legal representative of Spa complex Luxor.
1.6. External links with other sites are given in order to facilitate the customers. The team of Spa complex Luxor do not bear any responsibility and has nor influence over the content or the support of the Web sites or pages, nor bear responsibility concerning any damages or harm as a result of misleading information or weak support.

2. Conditions for reservation:
2.1. The reservation for a hotel unit is valid when:
a) The customer send a request through the contact form on the Web site or place a call to the reception desk of the hotel and after confirmation send a deposit prior the arrival or provide a credit card authorization.
b) The hotel send a confirmation with an unique code in the following 3 hours from the request receiving or an employee from the reception desk ring the customer and clarify the details of the reservation, as afterwards again send a written confirmation with unique code.

3. Cancellation or duplicate of a reservation:
3.1. If a confirmed reservation has been cancelled three day prior the arrival, than the whole amount of the deposit will be refunded. This rule does not concern the group bookings.
3.2. Is customer is a no-show or cancel the booking less than a three day prior to the arrival than the whole amount of the deposit will be kept by the hotel.
3.3. In case of booking duplicate, the hotel will accommodate the customer in a superior room free of charge or will provide a room in a hotel with same category or higher.

4. Final conditions:
4.1. Any customer data received by Web site will be not used for any causes by third parties. Those conditions may be changes at any time and changes are validated once published on the Web site of www.luxor-complex.com
4.2. Bulgarian law will be applied in case of any disputes. All disputes are solved firstly with negotiations and mutual understanding, and if the solution is not possible than the dispute is referred to the Arbitrate court of Bulgarian Commercial and Industrial court following its Regulations concerning arbitrated agreements.